Conducted by MSTA or Mumbai Science Teacher’s Association, Dr Homi Bhabha Young Scientist Competition assists students for developing scientific propensities. With good comprehension of scientific concepts, students will be able to cope with difficult level entrance examinations with ease. Successful students are awarded with certificates, medals & scholarships.

The competition gives shape to 3 phases namely:
  • Phase I including written tests
  • Phase 2 including Practicals
  • Phase 3 including Interview Competition & Action Research Project

Eligibility criteria

Students who are currently in standard VI can sit for this examination & those who belong to boards namely
  • SSC
  • ICSE
  • CBSE

Course Syllabus

Textbooks of Standard 4, 5 and 6 of SSC, CBSE & ICSE syllabus are what students need to study meticulously for passing this examination.
Majority questions will be selected from textbooks of SSC board
Students must prepare themselves for answering questions related to correlation & reasoning of scientific concepts.

Exam Pattern

Phase 1: On paper Test

The two areas on which this test will take place
  • General Science
  •  General Knowledge in Science.
The paper will include 100 MCQ questions with one mark for each question. There will be no negative marking
Marks Distribution
Total Marks: 100
Type of questions
General science
90 marks
90 min
Marathi, English
MCQ questions with four alternatives
General Knowledge in Science
10 marks

Phase 2: Practicals

30 Marks Practical questions will be included where students will need to conduct experimentations of general science
5 experiments on General Science
6 marks each
5 Minutes for each experimentent
30 marks
30 Min
Phase 3 selection is done on the basis of 30% marks that the students obtain in Phase 1 & Phase 2. 10% of the best students get through in Phase 3

Phase 3: Interview & Action Research Project

Interview Details
a) General interview
5 to 10 min
b) Assessment of action research report
5 to 10 min 10 min.
Final selection rests on
30% marks obtained in Phase I along with Phase II marks & Phase III
  • Top 10% contenders  receive Scholarship, Gold Medal & certificate of Rs. 1000/-
  • Silver Medal, scholarship & certificate of Rs. 500/- is handed over to preceding 605 students
  • Remaining candidates are honored with Certificate, Bronze Medal & scholarship of Rs. 300/-